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 Extrusion Pet Food Machinery >> C04 Pre-mix and Additives
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C04 Pre-mix and Additives

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Pre-mix and additives


Be sure to provide good service to our customers, we have good cooperation with animal food care bio-technology research center in China. Our partner has much experience in premix, additive and antibiotics fields.

By using latest innovative technology, our partner is the major feed additives manufacturer of the growth promoter for aquaculture, Allicin, Probiotics and coated vitamin C.

Premix, vitamin and mineral:

Our premix have good specification and diversity to meet demand of customers as: Premix with concept NRC x4, balanced formula premix, concentrated premix and premix focusing on carcass quality.

Feed Additive:

To increase growth, reduce production expenses, increase immune for animal  and better carcass quality, we have feed additive products as follows:

Enzyme, Growth promoter and improve breed.

Increase carcass quality, High protein.


With modern technology and equipment, Vet Products Co., Ltd researchs and manufactures quality antibiotic for livestock such as : Colistin, Tiamulin, Tilmicosin,Tylosin, Lincomycin, Sulfa … etc

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